Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whoopsy, Bad Blogger!! There I said it!

The other day I had a friend send me a message about my Blog, to which I immediately thought "Oh my gosh, my poor neglected Blog"... Seriously, somebody should smack my hands and say "Bad Blogger"... I could give you a million excuses justifiable reasons why I can't hold my focus for more than 60 seconds, but what good will that do. On the good side I didn't bore any of you with endless summer vacation photos, or numerous Birthday photos... In case you feel a little left out here is a quick recap....
Our Summer Adventures
Yep, this is how we roll!

Our 1st stop
Newport, OR

Which ALWAYS has to 
include the Aquarium

 And of Course
The Beach!

Lots of Summertime

 And a 1st haircut
for my little buddy

Whats summer without

Then all of a sudden Fall started
sneaking up on us
And I dove into Homeschooling
our kiddos

We decided to make a weekend trip to 
Glacier before Winter arrives

They may look miserable, but I swear
they were having fun

Next thing I knew it was time
to Celebrate someones 5th 

Yep, I am now the mom of a 
5 Year Old!

 Well that wasn't too painful, now was it? Yesterday was an exciting day, o.k. not really.. It was actually one of those days that made me look like a complete liar... So LeiLei had her 5 year well child appointment which I booked back to back with all of the kids getting their Flu vaccines. Which normally my kids take the nasal spray version (lucky kids).. So after telling my kids over and over and over again that nobody was going to get a shot, guess what happened? Oh ya, all 3 kiddos had to get old school shots. Not one of my better mommy moments.. The words, I'm sorry I was wrong, just don't mean much to a 4 year old... But we survived (barely) I may have had to straddle JayJay on the bed to restrain her while she received hers. Ugh, the life of a mommy. Today we are off to meet with a Specialist for LeiLei and her ever-growing mental health issues. Wish us luck!

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  1. and before you know it... you'll be snapping pics of the kiddos tearing open their Christmas presents! lol!


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