Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Yourself...

Last month we made a HUGE decision.  O.k. maybe not HUGE, but pretty decent sized. This was a decision months if not a year in the making. The Hubby and I both knew we wanted to do it, but it took quite a while to pull the trigger. I can say that we have now been living free from Television A.K.A Direct TV for an entire month. So this may not seem HUGE to everyone, but we found it quite challenging to actually pull the trigger, and walk away from a TV provider.  Hello, my name is Meri, and I am a Housewives Junky... There I said it.

We were only watching a handful of shows (granted we did really enjoy watching those shows, Housewives for me and Deadliest Catch for the Hubby) but to pay $100 a month for those handful of shows just seemed like craziness.  I knew the Hubby and I would be O.K. but quite honestly being a stay at home mom I was a bit worried about my sanity, knowing that our kids would not have television. You know what? They are doing great!!! There is life after the Disney Junior Channel. Who knew... They even have a television in their room, and they have not even asked us why it is not on anymore.  I would have never thought we could transition away from TV this easily.

I will admit that in our bedroom and in our family room, we do still have working televisions which are at the mercy of an antennae. When we need our TV fix we can watch our local channels as well as  numerous PBS Channels, and I might actually be turning into a PBS junky. When did PBS become so cool, or have I just become lame and old? Either way, let me say... If you are pondering making this decision to free yourself from a television carrier, I say do it!!! You will be pleasantly surprised.

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