Monday, June 23, 2014

Just because you can turn it into a lesson, maybe you shouldn't...

Biggest lesson from this last vacation... Just because you can turn an activity into a great Lesson, doesn't mean you should or are prepared for the after effect from the Lesson.

So, as you all read, we decided to go crabbing while we were on vacation. We purchased our license, but since Mother nature was messing with us a bit, we did not buy any gear. We really weren't even sure we would be able to get out there to go crabbing. At last there was a break in the weather so we went for it.

Hubby managed to pull out 7-8 clams using a kids sand shovel and pail. We brought them back to the campsite and tried to identify the clams so we knew what we were looking at. That is when we decided to make a Lesson out of it. We placed a large vinyl tablecloth on the floor of our fifth wheel and went for it.

We had already soaked the clams revealing their true colors and shell designs. That in itself was fun for the kids.

We allowed the kids to touch and feel the clams before we opened them up. We talked about how hard their shells were and how they can pull their shells closed, etc.

Then hubby started popping them open. That is when it got interesting. I decided on a spur of the moment that it was the perfect opportunity to talk about how we all look different on the outside but on the inside we are all the same.  Each one of our clams had different colors and shell patterns. BUT, when you opened them up they looked exactly the same. I looked over at Hubby while I was explaining this to our kids, and he had the 'wow, you go momma' look on his face. Our conversation went well, with no questions about our family makeup, or the fact that we all look different. I remember thinking to myself, 'wow, that was easy, and that went well'...

Fast forward... We were packing up our trailer getting ready to start the long voyage home when LeiLei (out of nowhere) asks... "Is JayJay Black?" I nearly dropped the dish I was washing. Poor Hubby just froze... To which I said, " LeiLei we all look different don't we?" Then I think I went on to say, "JayJay is chocolate just like her brother, and you LeiLei are vanilla". That made the kids giggle and then JayJay add that she loves chocolate ice-cream. Once the words ice-cream were muttered the conversation was over. Now I must say that they have talked about it a few times since we have been back, but I don't think they really get it yet.

So like I said earlier... Just because you can turn something into a Lesson, really think about whether or not you are ready for your family to have that lesson. All in all it worked out o.k. and I am glad I did it. But, let me tell you, in the future I will think about what is about to come flying out of my mouth before it is to late.

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  1. ROTFLMBO!!!! out of the mouths of Babes! lol!


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