Saturday, June 21, 2014

Till Next Time Dear Ocean

I have made the decision that retirement will find me living at the Beach. Thank goodness Hubbs is on board, that would have been a problem. I am so in my element at the beach... I love the heavy ocean air, I love the warm soft sand, I love staring at the awesomeness of the ocean. I am not just any beach kind of girl, and I think I have a lot of beaches to explore before I settle on the one. Thank goodness we have quite a few years before retirement so that we can test them all out to see which one fits the best.

At the moment my favorite is Newport Oregon. It is a fishing community, a true working community as opposed to just a tourist community. Complete with a lighthouse!

This last trip was just as amazing as our prior trip. Mother Nature was moody but that is to be expected when you are on the coast. After our visit to the aquarium we did what any good parent would do. We headed to a Brewery. Don't worry its kid friendly. Not just any Brewery, the Rogue Brewery. Its a must see if you are ever in Newport.

They have a little cafe upstairs that serves everything from Fish Tacos to Kobe Beef Burgers. We dined on Burgers, Corndogs, and Chicken Strips... 

Had the kids not been with us, I would have opted to sit out here. Unfortunately none of our kids were thrilled with the smell of the Brewery. The last thing I wanted to listen to during our entire meal was "this place is stinky". So we sat inside the cafe.

This year we were adventurous and purchased a license to go clamming. Maybe next year we will purchase the correct supplies to do it. I made Hubby go out there with a kids sand shovel and a CARS sand pail to go clamming. He came back with some! So we decided to do a show and tell with the kids.  Our kids thought it was hilarious when the clam peepee'd on daddy, and when the clam shut close on daddys finger. I might have laughed a bit too.

Well till next time dear ocean... 

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  1. So glad to see you all had such a wonderful time... see you all in just 32 more days... ILY
    hugz, Oma


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