Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I may have lost my sanity...

It is so cool when your kids hit a certain age, that allows them to do activities that you remember doing as a kid. This year I was able to sign all 3 of my kiddos up for Vacation Bible School. Now, most sane woman would sign their kids up and enjoy a 3 hour break from their kids each day for that entire week. Nope, not me... I went ahead and volunteered at their VBS... A VBS that had 290 kids. Yes, you read that correctly... 290 kids.. 

So let me share with you what I learned at my week of Volunteering at Vacation Bible School:

290 Kids is A LOT of kids

Jesus Loves Me  (o.k. I already knew that one, but its worth repeating)

I made a good decision not becoming a teacher

A room filled with 40 plus kids is very loud

If VBS ends at noon and neither you nor your own kids have eaten lunch, that car ride home is going to be a lesson in patience

You will love it the first day, like it the second day, be pretty tired the third day, begin questioning your sanity on the fourth day, and then love it again on the fifth day

You will not have the energy to make dinner for your family by the end of the day

Did I mention 290 kids is A LOT?

You will interact with some pretty cool kiddos

You will love it

Something will be said at some point while you are there, that was meant for YOU to HEAR

Yes, you will catch a summer cold from one of those cool kiddos

You will sign up to do it again, except next time you will have your dinners prepared ahead of time.  Because you can only tell the family you are eating cereal for dinner, so many times

You will meet some pretty cool ladies, with some pretty amazing stories

You will not be able to stop singing 'All Around The World'

Last but not least...

My God is an Awesome God!


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