Thursday, April 17, 2014

We failed 23,439 Foster Children in 2012... It's wrong and we need to wake up and fix this problem.

This is heart braking... You all know that our three children were adopted through Foster Care, and if money grew on trees I would fill my home with Foster Children. Unfortunately I have yet to find that money tree, so for the moment my role is to advocate for all of those children in Foster care, help raise awareness. I came across this article today from CNN that really put everything into perspective. The article is actually written by Rita Soronen the president and CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

 In 2012 in the United States, 23,439 children in foster care turned 18 and were "emancipated" or "aged out." What does that mean?  Well most were put out into the world on their own without housing, financial assistance or emotional support. Can you imagine being 18 and having nobody to turn to? Such a 'turning point' age, for those of us with family to turn to we were guided to either go to college or start working. These kids have no guidance, and this is their sad reality.

Per the article...In 2012, U.S. authorities received more than 3.3 million reports of abuse, representing about 6 million children, or 8% of the child population. After investigation and intervention, about 400,000 children were placed in foster care, and of those, nearly 60,000 were permanently taken away from their families of origin.

That means in 2012 alone, 60,000 children were added to the ever growing list of children needing homes in the United States... Makes you a little sad, doesn't it?

Per Rita Soronen (Dave Thomas Foundation) - Because we know that children thrive in families -- not institutions or transient, temporary care -- we made a promise to those children. We promised the day they were permanently separated from their families that we would find them new ones. A place to call home, to be loved, supported and cherished, as every child should. We failed 23,439 children last year, and legally emancipated them from care. This world is not an easy place for children to grow and thrive on their own. Too often it is not even a safe place. Conservative studies find one in five will become homeless after 18; at 24, only half will be employed; less than 3% will have earned a college degree; 71% of women will be pregnant by 21; and one in four will have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder at twice the rate of United States war veterans. And too often, many are at risk of moving back into government systems -- from juvenile centers to prison.

There are currently over 100,000 children in Foster Care waiting to be adopted. They are legally free meaning the Birth Parents rights have been removed. We can not afford failure! Can you imagine the ramifications of failing 100,000 children? Every one of these kiddos deserves love, stability, education, and support. Every one of these kids placed in a supportive home could concur the world if just given the opportunity.

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  1. It makes me so sad whenever I read these statistics. If I was younger and healthier, I might consider adopting a child from the foster care system. How we as a society can just throw these children away? Because that is what we do we throw them away. Love Aunt Linda


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