Friday, April 18, 2014

Not even toe surgery is going to keep us from seeing the Easter Bunny!!

The kids and I have been cooped up for about a week now, and we are just over it!!! So today we were out the door by 8:30 a.m. looking for trouble to get into. We did have one mandatory stop which was Ademans Physical Therapy. I had absolutely no desire to sit in the waiting room with 2, four year olds for 55 minutes so we ran to Starbucks. Special mommy daughter time. They dined on pink cake pops and chocolate milk with whip cream, and I thoroughly enjoyed a Tall Skinny Caramel Machiatto  with a Splenda thrown in. Is it on my diet you ask? Yes, today it was... Actually it is only a whopping 3 points, and in diet language that means YAHOO!!! But no pink cake pops for me...

After picking up baby brother we ran to the nearest mall for an Easter Bunny sighting. Going to the mall with three kiddos means you better know your 'route' before you even get there. I was prepared... Park at Sears, walk into the mall through Sears on the lower level, and you will practically trip over Mr. Bunny FooFoo himself. I pray they never change his location, I have it down to a science now. We can get in and get out before anyone even knows what him them!

After prying my kiddos off of the Easter Bunny (I know, odd right?) and bribing them with a candy bar (which is actually just a granola bar, I dread the day they figure out that it is not a real candy bar) we were back in the car and heading to Trader Joes. That was my bad judgement, and I should know better. Who goes to Trader Joes right before a Holiday? Apparently everybody!!! Mommy almost had a melt down right around the half way mark. I had my cart full of groceries, the girls had their 'kid' cart full of flowers, and my JayJay declared she was going to have an accident if we did not get to the potty soon. I love Trader Joes so please do not get me wrong... One potty? REALLY?!?! and it is right next to where they are handing out the food samples and coffee... REALLY??? You've heard of the rain dance? Well we were doing the no pee pee dance, in a line of people waiting to use the restroom. Thank goodness the line moved quickly...

After Trader Joes I declared we were heading home. I was pooped, and judging by the bobbing heads in the back of the car, so were my kids. I was hoping to arrive home and find a message on my answering machine in regards to the Pathology results, but I did not. I was soooo hoping to have all of this behind us prior to Easter, but that is life. I plan on enjoying my weekend and not worrying about it.


  1. hahaha! I can see you all now,, @T.J.'s... doing the potty dance... lol! hugz and Happy Bunny FooFoo day.

  2. I totally agree and can identify with the TJ potty experience! The store designer obviously does not have children!

    1. There is nothing worse! All I could picture was leaving TJ'S (with groceries) and a wet child... Every moms worse nightmare. Let me tell you, I was not going home without my food. LOL!


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