Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If you were in my home today, we would be having coffee and cookies. Instead I am cleaning kitty litter boxes...

One week ago today we were at the Childrens Hospital. LeiLei is doing pretty good, but she is four years old and there is only so much you can do to keep a four year old off of her feet. There is also only so much you can do to keep her from taking off her wrap. Three times yesterday I had to devise new bandages because she kept taking them off... Let me tell you, it is not a pretty thing to look at, at the moment. I finally got so annoyed that I wrapped almost her entire foot in sterile bandage and then taped the snot out of it. So far so good. Tomorrow we go to the Doctors office for the removal of the bandage, and stitches. I wonder if he will approve of my wrapping skills... Oh and in case you were wondering... We still have not heard from Pathology. Enough about that...

So if you were here in my home today, these are the 20 things you will find us doing. Although if you were here in my home today I would probably be baking us cookies and serving us coffee to enjoy while we watch the rain fall.

1. Staring at the rain falling outside

2. Watering our 'baby' plants

3. Watching Caillou (kids cartoon)

4. Vacuuming and washing floors (walking around barefoot at the moment is NOT an option, so gross)

5. Doing load after load of laundry (apparently pain meds make you wet the bed, ya I am over it)

6. Making my grocery list for Easter breakfast (Trader Joe's and I have a date on Friday)

7. Stare at the phone, hoping it will ring

8. Dishes (because that pile never seems to go down)

9. Waste time on the computer (admit it, we all do it)

10. Have 'School' time with the kids

11. Put the kids Easter Baskets together

12. Read: If You Give A Cat A Cupcake to my kids

13. Counting my daily Weight Watchers Points, and meal plan accordingly. (Darn them for again       reducing my daily points)

14. Eating fruit, lots and lots of fruit (fruit is zero points on Weight Watchers, thank you Hubby for going to Costco yesterday and getting me more fruit. Hubby never had to deal with a pregnant wife craving pickles and ice cream, but he does have to deal with a hungry wife on Weight Watchers that needs a constant supply of fruit. No fruit, No Happy)

15. Have an afternoon tea party with my girls

16. At some point, change out of my 'mom sweats' and make myself look decent for the Hubbs

17. Do my Daily Devotional during quiet time

18. Clean kitty litter boxes

19. Make beds (four beds in total, cant wait for the day when they start making their own)

20.  Love on my kids...

And I wonder why I am tired by the end of the day?!?!....

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  1. Sounds like a typical day in the life of a mom. Love, Aunt Linda


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