Monday, April 28, 2014

That moment when you realize that you are a mommy...

That moment when you realize that you are a mommy. Not just a going through the motions mommy... I change diapers, make formula bottles, clean up messes, all of these activities make me a mommy. But yesterday I walked into my kids bedroom and there it was, proof that I am a mommy.

Proof that in JayJays eyes I am her mommy. I am her comfort. I am the one she reaches too. I have created safety for this child. For the first time, the word mommy took on a completely different meaning for me. For the first time I realized that I am doing something right. I am the queen of doubt. Am I spending enough quality time with my kids? Am I too hard on my kids? Am I too easy on my kids? Am I actually teaching my kids? Am I too wound up all the time? Can they sense that?
Yesterday when I saw those two dolls in their doll house I realized that everything is o.k. My kids obviously feel loved, feel safe, and they enjoy their time with me. Nothing else matters. That evening after we put our kids to bed I saw our neighbors taking their evening walk. Instead of two bodies going down the road it was three. Their adult daughter home from college, joining them on their nightly walk. She could have been doing anything but she was joining her mom and dad for an evening walk. It was beautiful, that is what it is all about. That is when you know you are doing something right. When your children choose you... I know they will not always choose me, and that is called growing up. As long as they know that they can always reach out to me, then I will have mastered being a Mommy...


  1. You are an awesome Mommy... I know that from watching you,,, your love spills out over them...and they love you! as do I! ILY

  2. Yay, mommy!! Loved this post. I get so caught up in making bottles, changing diapers, & washing clothes that it is exhausting sometimes and I think: this is what I waited so long for?? But then I remember that caring for someone is loving them & when I see Dane smile it is ALL worth it!!

    1. I love it... This is what I waited so long for? I have had many of those moments! Last night as I laid in bed, desperately wanting to go to sleep, I was listening to my 4 year old girls just giggling away in their bedroom and I just fell more in love with them. My kids and my hubby are my everything...


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