Friday, April 25, 2014

I am not sure if I am coming or going...

Oh what a week. I am not sure if I was coming or going this week. I am just so very glad that it is Friday, because I am ...done. I feel like I just can't quite grasp life right now. As I sit here in my oh so filthy home, just not caring. My hard wood floors have so much dirt on them it feels like you are walking in sand. There is a stack of silly straws that have been in my kitchen sink for at least 2 weeks, needing to be cleaned (bleached). At this point I am just thinking about throwing them away. I have a pile of laundry (on the laundry room floor) so tall that I literally have to step on and over it to even get to the washing machine. And yet I just don't care. We still have not received word from Pathology in regards to LeiLei's tumor. That has just left me living as if I am a robot. I am going through the motions and accomplishing what needs to be done (barely), but I am not feeling anything. Sure our days are busy, running from Doctors appointments to Dentist appointments to Therapy appointments. But at no moment am I not wondering what the Pathology results are.

Today I almost had a melt down... The poor receptionist at the Doctors Office was on the receiving end of my pent up frustration. We are 2 1/2 weeks post-op and still have not heard so much as 'Boo' from Pathology. Can you imagine?!?! All I keep hearing from the Doctors Office is 'there is nothing new in her file'... Let me tell you this... If they dropped the ball and something happened to the sample that was suppose to be tested, this mom is going to completely come unglued. The Hospital has assured us that we (the Doctors Office) will receive something from them within 24 hours, and since today is Friday that means another weekend of numbness.

Today while in the waiting room at Ademans Physical Therapist poor LeiLei took a direct hit. One of the kiddos that was running around the waiting room made direct contact with LeiLeis foot. The same foot that had the stitches taken out yesterday. So I have had to listen to my poor LeiLei complain abut her toe hurting all afternoon. I really am done...

So I hope and pray that we have some sunshine this weekend so that the kids and I can get outside and have some nice family time. That is what we all need right about now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with memory making activities...


  1. At this point, I would ask for the name of the lab the biopsy was sent to and ask the lab if the results have been sent to the correct doctor. Mistakes do happen. I'd be climbing the wall. Love, Aunt Linda

  2. Oh Babygirl,,, you'll get through this... and I will be up there in July... and we can sit and laugh & cry and eat Trader Joe's version of OREOS with a glass of red wine... :>)


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