Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kids Bowl For Free, I like Free!!

Last year I did not have the chance to sign my kids up for this really cool summer activity, but this year we are soooooo all over it! The program is called Kids Bowl Free, and if you are like me I am always on the hunt for inexpensive (free) activities for my kiddos. This is not entirely free, since you will stay have to pay for the rental of the Bowling Shoes, but still a pretty good deal especially if your kids enjoy bowling. I am not entirely sure if my kids enjoy bowling since they have never been. I would rather find out that my kids don't enjoy bowling, while not paying for a game!

Your children, once signed up will receive two free games a day all summer long. All you have to pay for are the shoes. Not bad, right? On top of that you can add a Family Pass for $24.95 which allows two games per person per day. The Family Pass covers up to four adult family members for the entire summer. I think that is a smoking deal!

I think my kids are going to learn to love bowling. I know I sure loved it as a kid. I have great memories of the bowling alley. I can almost remember the sounds of the balls going down the lanes, the pins being knocked down, and the machines resetting the pins. I can still see the shiny floors, and feel the slickness of my shoes on those shiny wood floors. I remember walking and looking at every bowling ball, placing my tiny fingers in the holes trying the bowling balls on, until I found just the right one. Proudly carrying it back for everyone to see, My Ball or as I would like to think, the game winning ball. So many memories... I can even remember the counter that ran the length of the bowling alley just behind were the bowling balls were displayed. The counter that had people standing and eating french fries, drinking cocktails, all while smoking their cigarettes. Such incredible memories...

Now my children can enjoy bumper bowling in a smoke free environment which I am great with. But they better not ever get rid of the greasy french fries because lets face it... Whats bowling without greasy fries...

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