Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I was a walking eating machine

O.K. I am dreading this weigh in... Lets just say it was not pretty this past week. Between shopping for Easter Candy, preparing Easter baskets, and making an Easter Breakfast (that included Creme Brûlée French Toast and Bacon Granola) I was a walking, eating machine....

Considering I had consecutively losing weight I am not going to freak out. But I know the house needs to be rid of the Easter candy because I can not be trusted. I need to keep reminding myself that at the moment I do not fit in ANY of my shorts, and summer is quickly approaching.

O.K. so lets do this....

Weigh In
Starting weight March 19 = 175.8 lbs
1st weigh in on March 25 = 167.7 lbs
2nd weigh in on April 1 = 166.1 lbs
3rd weigh in on April 8 = 165.2
4th weigh in on April 15 = 163.8
5th weigh in on April 22 = 162.9

Total = 12.9 lbs!!!!!!

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