Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The first tragedy of all this waiting, is....

Lets just say that the first tragedy during all of this waiting has been my finger nails, or lack there of at this point. We still have not heard back from Pathology. Yesterday when I made a call to the Doctors office (hoping that maybe they just forgot to call us) they reassured me that I would be the first one they call when they get the results back in... Isn't it dumb comments like that, that make you want to scream... Well of course I better be the first one you plan on calling, oh and by the way, who else do you plan on calling???

Life does go on even during all of this chaos, it just feels different. I feel as if my head is under water, my vision is not as clear as it normally is, my hearing is muffled, and I am moving a bit slower. But, we are getting through the day and that is what matters.

During all of the commotion last week I feared my old eating habits would rise to the surface, causing me to falter during a way stressful time. I tried the best that I could to stick to my Weight Watchers Plan, but there were a few days that just one  glass of wine was not going to do the trick. There were also a few days that I needed ice cream (thank goodness I had some Weight Watchers ice cream bars in the freezer). I allowed myself to indulge, and there were days that I was WAY over in points (like the day we went out for sushi with the kids), and there were days that I barely made it. So when I jumped on the scale this morning I was anticipating a 2 lb weight gain. Here we go...

Weigh In
Starting weight March 19 = 175.8 lbs
1st weigh in on March 25 = 167.7 lbs
2nd weigh in on April 1 = 166.1 lbs
3rd weigh in on April 8 = 165.2
4th weigh in on April 15 = 163.8
Total = 12 lbs!!!!!!

I am starting to get excited about the possibility of being able to fit back into all of my shorts this summer. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own body, especially when its 90 degrees outside. So I will keep plugging along and sticking to my daily points because this momma plans on running around outside with her kids all summer..... in shorts!


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