Friday, March 28, 2014

I am a Super Hero who did not have enough Go Gettum Juice this morning

When my alarm clock went off this morning I rose out of bed a person, an individual, a super hero with a list of objectives for the day. I had a plan, I had a mission, I was going to conquer the world. I was going to be productive I was going to feel accomplished... I was in control...

Thirty minutes later, without my Go Gettum Juice or some may say coffee even in my hand, my cape was ripped from my back. I heard it, it was a faint noise almost a squeak followed by little pitter patters. I looked left and right, surely there must be an escape hatch in this house. Before I could even look for it, a little LeiLei was standing before me wearing her brothers pajamas. Darn her for looking so cute and angelic at 6:30 in the morning (o.k. and a bit odd in her brothers pajamas).

I did what any other Wonder Woman, I mean Mom, would do. I pulled my super hero cape to the front and turned it into a mom apron. And so it began, another day started way to early, and without java running through my veins.

I was bummed, but I am a mom. My job is to give my children, myself. I do not need to be a super hero, I need to be a super mom. I need to let go of my wanting to concur the world. I just need to be present for my children. I need to be here, now, and in the moment. Life can wait, laundry can wait, dishes can wait, making a gourmet meal for my family does not have to be a priority. I have yet to hear of the loss of a child from eating one to many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Everything BUT my kids can wait.

This is a world that loves to judge based on accomplishments. For a mom, that can be terrifying. We are at home surviving not accomplishing, or are we? Maybe our accomplishments are not game changers for the rest of the world but they might be game changers for our families. We are teaching these little individuals life coping skills, we are teaching them how to BE loved and how to GIVE love, we are teaching them how to hold their heads high and proceed through life, that is HUGE!

Our accomplishments are not in the form of ribbons and certificates they are in the form of sticky kisses on the cheeks, or goopy hands reaching out to hold yours, their mom, their superhero.

So today I will accomplish whatever I accomplish. I will cherish my time with my sidekicks. I will relish in sticky kisses and goopy hands. Today I will look in the mirror and see the superhero I truly am.

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  1. Goopy hands are good. Love, Aunt Linda


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