Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Volvo HDT Conversion... A What? Hubby had allot of explaining to do...

Over the past few years we have really begun to enjoy camping. The addition of three kids, and the passion for travel brought us to the purchase of a fifth wheel. There comes a point when you realize it is way easier to hit the road with three little kids then it is to hit the air, and way more cost effective (even with the cost of fuel).

After a year of towing the fifth wheel with my husbands truck he made the announcement that he did not feel safe pulling that large of a fifth wheel with his truck. I totally agree with him, but that left us with a dilemma. We really were not in the market for a larger truck, and even though we live out in the country, driving a large truck in the city which my husband does daily for work is not exactly fun. My husband than had an idea... Why not purchase a HDT Conversion? I had no idea what he was talking about, so he had allot of explaining to do. HDT stands for Heavy Duty Truck (think of a Semi truck), so this would be a Semi truck converted to haul a Fifth Wheel. I wasn't convinced... He began doing quite a bit of research, and showing me lots and lots of pictures and I slowly came around. I began to see the possibilities. Like the possibility of hauling a Smart Car between the back of the cab of the truck and where the hitch sits for the fifth Wheel. O.K. the Smart Car probably will never happen, but a Quad might!

After numerous conversations we decided to go for it, if we could find one in our price range. Low and behold my hubby found one. Last summer we became the proud owners of a Volvo! and let me tell you, it is sooooooo way cooler than I expected.
 This is going to be one super duper comfortable family traveling down the road.  Let me take you on a tour..
The banquette located behind the Driver and Passanger seats.
The tall cabinet below the two drawers is actually a refrigerator! The empty compartment above the two drawers will hold a microwave.
The tall cabinet behind the Passangers seat is actually the wardrobe, complete with hanging bar. The empty spot above the wardrobe will be the home to a flat screen television that will ba able to slide out. The shiny metal bar behind the wardrobe and next to the banquette is a fold out latter to help you access the bunk bed.
The bunk bed is directly above the banquette. Complete with a safety net. So mom can take a little cat nap while we are crisscrossing the country.

Our kids could not wait to get in it when dad pulled up!!

For a mom that likes to over pack.... Hubby can no longer 'gently' remind me about not overloading the trailer, and tow capacity, blah, blah, blah..... I can now pull a Lucille Ball and bring home a rock from every place we stop at! (The Long Long Trailer).

Hubby has been working on it all winter getting it ready for camping season. We did buy it used so there are definitely some maintenance items on his to do list before we start rollin! I can't wait to keep you posted as we begin our journeys in our new rig!

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