Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thank you Melissa & Doug for continuing to make great kids toys!

I feel like my kids have every toy under the sun. From remote control cars, Leap Pad Computers, talking Elmos, Doc McStuffins kits, to Barbies you name it, they have it. What I find ironic is the toys that seem to capture there attention and imagination are the simple ones. We spent a good chunk of our morning playing with the basics. Thank goodness for the company Melissa & Doug who continue to make old school toys. My girls are four years old, and they are really enjoying this Wood Puzzle set. They would fiddle with it here and there last year but this year they are loving it.
They are still in the 'fiddling with' stage of their sewing cards, but they are now able to lace the string in and out all on their own.
Are they not eating the all American kid lunch??? PB&J and gold fish crackers.. I know, just slap the mom of the year banner on me now.
Honestly they were totally content with these activities, but the sun was out and I wanted them to get out and stretch their legs. We had our first real snow fall of the season yesterday, barely enough to brake out the sleds. Last year, we were sledding every day it seemed. This year my kids have been so disappointed. I secretly enjoyed the little amount of snow, and the mildness of our winter. But I also understand we need a snow pack if we don't want a summer drought. 
Quite honestly, the property sure does look pretty with snow on it!
JayJay is the master of snow angels!
For the moment they have all been waiting for.... Sledding.

Shortly before this picture JayJay did a face plant in the snow, the kind of face plant that puts a mom into a full on sprint.  Lets just say she might be sporting a shiner over the next few days. The poor thing slid off the saucer and hit a frozen dirt clod that was exposed (since the snow is not all that deep) face first. I couldn't get to her quick enough. On the bright side we decided against the ice pack since her face was already partially frozen.

Hope you are all having an action packed day like us!!

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