Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From Grand Mal Seizures to Swim Therapy we are off to a crazy week

Yesterday was such a treat, and a treat is exactly what I needed. It has been a hard week at our house. We have been dealing with a very sick dog. Our beloved Sammie the one eyed wonder, had 2 Grand Mal Seizures between Monday and Tuesday. It kind of rocked my world, I had never experienced human and or animal seizures before. So, I was a little unprepared when she had her first one. It was a classic Grand Mal Seizure including clenched jaw, jerking of the legs, urinating and defecating. Then there was the 45 minutes that followed of walking into walls, legs collapsing, and just confusion. Two of those in two days left me pretty exhausted. So I needed this one hour break, girls got to stay at home with their grandpa, and Ademan got to experience a pool for the first time.

 Ademan has transitioned from traditional physical therapy to swim therapy. I was convinced that he would love it, so imagine my surprise when my two year old became hysterical and started screaming "I can't do dis"... So here is where the evil twisted mama comes out. Part of me was feeling so sad for my son, the other part of me was kind of laughing. I know it is a little messed up...

He actually did really well in all but one of the activities. I did not take a picture of that activity because he was REALLY upset. I am sure it has a little something to do with the fact that his face went in the water, and we think he got a good amount up his nose. We all know, that burns!

It is really impressive, he is in a heated pool which is probably 15' x 25'. He has two women in the pool with him, (hubby was impressed that his two year old boy was able to lure two woman into a pool) both the physical therapist and an assistant. So any fear I was feeling was quickly released, and yes I was a bit nervous. It is one thing to be in a pool holding your kiddo, it is another thing for your kiddo to be in a pool and you have no control.  But let me tell you, this mama would have jumped in immediately had something gone wrong.

The reason we switched  our type of therapy was because he lacks self confidence. The therapist thought that this would be a good way for him to build muscle while building self confidence. Sure enough like I said earlier he was saying "I can't do dis". That was heart braking,  because I thought I was raising my kids to be brave and try new things. The therapist even looked at me, as if to say "where is this coming from". I was suddenly hit with mommy guilt. The first thing I did when I got home was have a conversation with the girls about words we will no longer be using in our home like, I cant, I am afraid, I am scared, ... Lets nip this in the bud!

I will be happy when this week is behind us. I am tired, and my kids are acting like wild childs because of all the commotion going on in our home. We do better with routine around here, if too many things are out of our normal routine my kids become these little terrors that are almost unrecognizable. Unfortunately, it is going to be another hard 7 - 10 days, due to the meds that the Veterinarian has started Sammie on. She is taking Phenolbarbarol which is pretty harsh. So one of the side effects is stumbling around and legs giving out. It took about 24 hours for the meds to kick in, but now that they have she is stumbling around and that is hard to watch. I am hoping we have her on the correct meds and that she will now bounce back. For all of you pet lovers out there I am sure you can agree with me when I say, "No matter what, I hope she is at least pain free".

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  1. luv lil Ademon... our very own lil 'aquaman'.. lol!


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