Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cabin fever?... Must make brownies and all might be o.k.

I feel a bit guilty, my kids have been stuck inside for three full days. That is never the goal for any mom, because kids need to stretch their legs and be loud. We are almost at our breaking point today!
Tuesday we had a little outside time (while it was snowing) we had a power outage, no T.V. and no heat. So I thought why not bundle up and play outside. I was nearing the teeth chattering stage when I begged my kids to come back inside, I only had one taker. The other two stayed out for at least another twenty minutes.

Yesterday just kind of got away from me. All of a sudden it was time to make dinner and we had not gone outside all day. Today was suppose to be Library day but the fog and rain rolled in, and the thought of getting three kids in and out of the car in the rain did not seem like a good time for anyone. As soon as nap time is done, I think I am going to have to do some serious kid friendly activities. I see brownie making, painting, and I may even resort to grabbing something out of the Christmas gift box (my stash of extra Christmas gifts). Amazingly, we have not had a single melt down in the past three days. We have had a few tears, a few "Mom, so and so pinched me" or "Mom, so and so is in my bubble"... The usual sibling battles.

Thank goodness tomorrow the girls have school and Ademan has Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy. It will force us all out of the house, and give everyone some social interaction. I hope your week has stayed more on track than ours!

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  1. OMG! 3 days! yikes... but you are clever and always come up with terrific activity ideas... heck even blowing paint with a straw across paper will keep the kiddos busy... for a wee bit anyways.. lol!


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