Sunday, November 10, 2013

24 Days of Christmas... Its a good thing JoAnns Fabrics is having a big sale, I have craft supplies to purchase!

Since I announced that I was going to do the 24 Days of Christmas, I figured I better sit down and come up with my calendar of activities. My 24 days of Christmas will involve crafts, family time, and giving. As our kids get older I look forward to incorporating more giving but since they are pretty young we will be doing more crafts and family time at home. I am really looking forward to being able to spend quality time each day with my kiddos in the month of December. Trust me I am realistic, I know they are not all going to go well, and I know there will be days when I question why I put so much time into preparing all of these activities, but I do think it is a start to a good family tradition.

The only reason I am doing this post a few weeks before the start of December is because the amount of time it takes just to prepare for all of the activities. It took me almost three hours just to come up with my list of activities. I still have to make my shopping list for the craft supplies, do the shopping, and then do all of the prep work for the craft projects. For some people the prep work may not take all that long, but for me I need a two week cushion.

Let me share my 24 Days of Christmas with you...
Dec 1.
Family Movie Night / Watch Polar Express
Dec 2.
Crafts / Paper Santa Hats with Cotton Balls
Dec 3.
Crafts / Paper Christmas Trees decorated by Q-Tip painting
Dec 4.
Donate gently loved toys to Goodwill
Dec 5.
Make cookies to take caroling to the neighbors that evening
Dec 6.
Crafts / Make candy canes with pipe cleaners and beads
Dec 7.
Breakfast with Santa
Dec 8.
Crafts / Make a paper chain for our Christmas Tree
Dec 9.
Crafts / Pony Bead Snowflakes
Dec 10.
Crafts / Decorate a paper Christmas Tree
Dec 11.
Purchase 3 Grocery Gift Cards and give them away to 3 strangers
Dec 12.
Crafts / Decorate Paper Mittens
Dec 13.
Family Movie Night / Veggie Tales, The Star of Christmas
Dec 14.
Crafts / Melted Pony Bead Ornaments
Dec 15.
Family Game Night
Dec 16.
Crafts / Popsicle Stick Snowflakes
Dec 17.
Crafts / Make & Decorate a Paper Plate Wreath
Dec 18.
Leave a Note & Gift for the Mail Carrier
Dec 19.
Crafts / Decorate Pine cones in Glitter
Dec 20.
Leave a Note & Gift for the Garbage Collector
Dec 21.
Go Look at Christmas Lights
Dec 22.
Family Baking Day
Dec 23.
Crafts / Make a Reindeer with Foot and Hand Cutouts\
Dec 24.
Pick up our Christmas Eve Meal from the German Deli
(Already a Tradition in our home)

 I hope you are all inspired to do 24 Days of Christmas with your family.  I would love to hear about some of the projects and activities you have planned. 

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  1. That's amazing Mer! So very ambitious even with the sometimes hectic everyday life! Gives me the inspiration to do a little more with my own kiddos.
    Love ya


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