Friday, October 11, 2013

Hallloween Gift, Complete with Candy!

I am not a big Halloween person, especially now that I have kids. In recent days my kids have said some pretty nasty things all based on what they have seen in the stores or on television. Asking questions about devil dogs (I assume werewolves) talking about witches and the endless conversations about scary monsters. That is where I as the mommy draw the line, we will not do Scary at or in our home.  I understand that our kids want to experience Halloween, and I get it. Dressing up and trick-r-treating is fun for a child.  I will be more than happy to put them in fun costumes and take them trick-r-treating.

We usually go trick-r-treating with a close group of friends and I thought it would be nice to have a little something to give the kids in our group. When I stumbled across this cute free template from Womans Day I thought perfect!

Have fun crafting!!

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  1. I so agree... cute is fun...I totally abhor 'wicked, ugly, zombie, ghoulish adaptations...
    Why does Society feel the need to do the 'dark side' when it involves children? cute is good,
    I applaud Churches who do an alternative to Halloween... Like Harvest fests etc... fun activities, non-scary costumes and a good fun evening for families...
    P.S.,,, I luv glittered pumpkins! :>)



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