Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Governement Shut Down & How it Affects My Family

Many people are being seriously affected by the government shut down. My heart broke today when I read a news story about stopping death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers. It made me sick to my stomach, knowing that our elected officials are still getting paid while they are causing all of this misery.  I tend to be very opinionated so I am going to stop myself there, before I write a 3 page post about the problems with our government.

Let me share with you how we are affected. All three of our children are adopted, and all three of our children are considered special needs. Since they are special needs they qualify for adoption support through our state. One such benefit to adoption support is that they receive WIC. I found out today that as of the 14th of October our state will no longer have the funds for WIC checks. WIC checks are for specific food items your child needs based on their medical conditions. Since two of our kids don't have any feeding issues, their checks are for staples such as milk, cheese, cereal, fruits and veggies. So after the 14th (unless our government decides to play nice before that date) I will not have access to those items. Will that affect us? Not really I can afford to purchase those items for our children.

Now lets talk about our 3rd child who has had a fundoplication (stomach surgery), and used a feeding tube for a year and a half. He does eat adult type foods but not enough to maintain proper growth. So his calories are supplemented with Pediasure. Thank goodness he receives WIC, because a one month supply of Pediasure runs about $275.00...  on top of his regular grocery bill. On the 14th I will have to pick up that tab. Does that hurt? Yes, that hurts.

Since I do not currently have Foster Kids in my home this does not apply, but let me go a bit deeper. All Foster children (age appropriate) qualify for WIC. Should a Foster parent financially be able to provide the basics? I think so, but as a Foster parent I have come to realize that most kids in Foster care do not have simple diets. So to have some of the financial burden lifted, really helps. Our JayJay had to use Soy formula when she was a baby, thank goodness WIC covered most of it because her formula ran about $200 a month. I know some would argue that you should be able to provide for your Foster Children like they were your own, but there are many foster families who have three or more kids in their home. Or how about the Foster families that take in sibling groups, instant family with the addition of four children. Lets face it, the reality is they are not your own children that you are spending money on. Should they suffer because our government can't get their act together?

Lets hope that this does not go on too much longer. This is the last thing our government needed to do in a time that we should be focusing on growing and pulling ourselves out of a recession.

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  1. Good Post! I sooo agree with you!

    And my being the daughter of a Career Military Veteran... I feel that all military families deserve a decent resource for medical, financial and emotional support... Yes, our Military people, both men & women,,, volunterily joined the Service.... but I don't feel that they deserve to receive less then adequate compensation... when I see (no offence) sales clerks who do not risk their lives on a daily basis... receive compensation that is at times better then our military staff...I am referring to 'Rank & File... NCO's....
    Am I biased? you bet! am I proud? you bet!

    As for the recipients of WIC,,, especially children,,, I find it sad that the powers to be,,, don't even blink an eye at taking away the basic foods... especially when most likely their own children have never had to go hungry or for want of a proper pair of shows or warm coat... Foster children really do (sadly) fall through the cracks!.
    OOPS! I think I need to step down off my lil soap box & tuck it away in the closet....

    SO which one of us is the "chip of the old block"...??? loL!
    ILY and never cower down!


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