Monday, October 14, 2013

We survived our first Field Trip complete with pumpkins and Fuji apples

On Friday our girls had their first field trip. The timing could not have been worse, two of my three kids were sick as well as myself. I did what any other mother of two preschoolers would have done, bundled them up and off we went! Prior to having kids I would have said how irresponsible and rude it is to expose your sick child to those who are well. But, now I get it... The reality is what mom of a preschooler (let alone 2 preschoolers) wants to be stuck at home with them when they are sick? Especially, when mom is also sick (and maybe a bit grumpy).  Some of you will probably think I was irresponsible but the truth is they had no fever so per school guidelines they are allowed to be there.

Off to the farm with three sick kids! Each child had to pay $6.00 which was quite the bargain I thought. Our activities included a tractor ride, which for my kids wasn't that big of a deal since they get to do that every weekend with their daddy. Still kind of exciting.

Handpicking an apple

Learning how apple cider is made and tasting it

Tasting apple butter and watching the farmer make apple worms and an apple slinky

To top it off, picking a pumpkin

I like to think of it as a Win Win for me. I was not stuck at home with them, and I was able to cross off  'go to pumpkin patch' on my list of things to do. Does it get any better than that? And may I suggest (if you have not done so already) going to an apple farm on a crisp Autumn morning, to handpick a Fuji Apple. I would have never thought an apple could taste that amazing. I love apples, Fuji and Honeycrisp are my favorites but when you pick an apple early in the day when the outside temperature has not even hit fifty degrees something magical happens. The apple is crisp, the juice nearly runs out of it, and you cant help yourself from saying "oh my gosh" between each bite. To those of you with Bucket Lists, it may not seem like much, but this is a must do!

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  1. For sure! then again,,, anytime we get to go 'fruit pickin' it's awesome!!
    Hugz to our sweet grandkiddos!
    oh and Aidiman...luv that smile!!


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