Sunday, September 8, 2013

Friday afternoon emergency

I no sooner finished writing my First Day of Preschool Post Friday afternoon, to find myself dialing 911. I am not one of those, run your child to the Doctor every time they sneeze, moms. Which kind of made this a big deal. We have been very fortunate and have only had two hospital trips in three and a half years. Considering we have three kids, not bad, right?

Three o'clock is when I go into our kids room, to announce that quiet time is over. I stopped calling it nap time some time ago, because really who am I kidding. No one in there is actually sleeping. Anyway, Ademan was laying down in his bed, not totally out of character. It was not long after he climbed out of bed that I realized something was very wrong...

He was extremely hot, the heat penetrated through his shirt. He was having a very hard time breathing. He was breathing through his nose, but with every breath his cheeks would cave in and then puff back out (it almost looked like he was trying to make fish lips.) His eyes were barely half open, and the corners of his lips were turning blue. The first year of his life he was a very sick little boy. He was born premature, and was exposed to drugs in utero. He has had a fundoplication which is a surgery that wraps his stomach around his esophagus to help with severe reflux. He spent the majority of his first two years of life eating through a feeding tube. Given his past medical history, and the distance we live from town I opted for calling 911 rather than trying to take him to the hospital myself.

Next thing I remember is 6 fireman telling me his oxygen levels were in the 60's, his heart rate was somewhere in the 200's and his blood pressure was all over the place. They were able to administer oxygen (which is easier said than done on a freaking out two year old) and then decided to transport him via ambulance to the hospital. They actually had a helicopter on standby for us, but since he took the oxygen, and those numbers increased it was not as big of an emergency. So, the helicopter was called off.

Once we were at the hospital they took some chest x-rays, which came back pretty good. They give him medicine to bring his fever down. Once it came down to 100 they allowed us to leave. We really don't know what caused all of this. Maybe he aspirated, maybe he had an infection, maybe he just had a random high fever, maybe, maybe, maybe. All I know is it gave this momma quite a scare.

Here we are on Sunday and he is back to being his ridiculously cute self. Thank goodness!

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