Friday, September 6, 2013

First day of preschool

When you decide to be a Foster Parent you have no idea what the future holds. You don't know when they place that child in your home (or arms for us) if they will be with you forever, or just through tomorrow. Which is why today was so super cool. Two of my three kiddos started preschool. They were so excited, I must admit, so was I!

Of course not to be outdone, baby brother had to get in on the "cheese" factor.

I stood outside their classroom waiting for class to end, socializing with the other mommas. They were all commenting on how they cried the whole way home, and how they could not turn off the water works once they were at home. For a moment I began to think about how cold hearted I must be for not shedding a tear. I quickly reminded myself of a conversation I had with a friend just two hours prior. I told my friend that when I was about to leave the classroom I bent down and told the girls I love them, and to have fun. Their response to me was , "o.k. bye". Really? that's it, o.k. bye is all I am going to get out of them. My friend then said, "those girls love and trust you so much, that they have no fear of being left in a strange and new environment, they know they are safe."  That took my breath away...

In case you were wondering what I did, during my first day of freedom. Well here you go...

Thank you Starbucks for an amazing pumpkin spice latte to help a mom celebrate the first day of preschool.


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