Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our farm

It is a nice quiet afternoon here on our five acre mini farm. I have begun my third batch of pickles for the season. They are just beginning their two day journey from vine to jar.  With little kids I cant even begin to can enough pickles and jam, but I try!

I will be doing a batch of salsa for "putting up" later this afternoon. I must admit I am dragging my feet on that one right now. Right now it is just bunch of produce just sitting on the counter.

The cats are all napping in there hiding spots.

The dogs are trying to absorb the last bit of warm weather before fall.

The goats, well they are doing what they do best. Making me laugh!

The pigs, well pigs just don't do much. But they are cute.

And last but not least the sheep have been very chatty today. Making quite a bit of noise.


  1. all the critters sure look happy! can't wait to try the pickles

    1. Tami, me too. This is a new recipe for me, so we will see!!!

  2. all I can say is,,, I know what a great cook you are,,, so it goes w/o saying, I'll bet your salsa & pickles are fab-u-lus!


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