Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Here I am Keeping my Fingers Crossed

A while back I was talking to another mommy when she told me that she secretly loves when her kids are sick because her kids become super cuddly. She doesn't even mind catching the cold because it gives her the opportunity to hold her growing babies in her lap. I swear I must have had the deer in the headlight look, because whatever gene it is that causes a woman to want to hold a sick child, definitely was not passed down to me. To be honest its probably on my list of things I really don't want to do as a mommy, but have to do because I am a mommy. Its not that I don't want to hold and snuggle them. Its just that there is nothing magical about holding a child with a fever, that is both sneezing and coughing with a nose that just runs endlessly. Yes I have done all of things, I have held many a sick kiddo, I have wiped many a noses, I have cleaned dried up snot out of my hair, I have even cleaned vomit off of my body and hair, but to say that I enjoy it? Are you crazy?

Which brings me today. Here I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is our first and ONLY cold for the Summer. Yep all three kids are launching snot rockets. I know, gross... Gross, is how we roll especially right now. I have upped my Airborne intake as well as my Black Elderberry Syrup in hopes that this nastiness stays far far away from me. Shoot I am willing to hang a raw onion and garlic around my neck if that's what it takes, because I am sooooo not in the mood to be sick. And yet I feel that little special something lurking in my throat, nose and eyes.

At least they are all knocking it out at the same time.. Normally we like to draw these things out over a month or so, with each child getting the Bug about 4 days apart. One will get it and then around the time they are starting to feel better the next child gets it, and on and on and on. Since there are five of us in this house that means a long month of runny noses. By the time we seem to recover the next Bug seems to be lurking in the shadows.

We are leaving for the Oregon Coast in about two weeks and I want to be feeling good! I want to be building sand castles, not wiping noses! I want to be sipping wine watching the sun go down as I stare at the ocean. Not guzzling cough syrup while watching the sun set through my hot watery eyes.

So we are laying low right now. No running around outside, no jumping on the trampoline, no riding our bicycles. Just good old fashioned laying low a.k.a lots of television watching.

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