Friday, March 7, 2014

Its March and if you know me I could take it or leave it... but I will keep myself busy with Jiffy Peat Soil Pellets

I am so completely ready for Spring to arrive. We have had a pretty mild winter but that being said I am tired of the snow, the rain, the cold, the wind, and the gloom. I have the winter Blahs... I am ready for camping, flip flops, gardening, soaking up the sun, and did I mention flip flops? I know its coming but I always struggle in the month of March, its always a hard month for me. The few random snow showers we receive in March usually leave me standing at my living room window muttering the words, I hate you snow. March is that weird in between month where we haven't warmed up enough to not wear a jacket but it is no longer bitterly cold. You just end up somewhere in the middle in limbo land, or as I like to call it a time waster of a month. I am frustrated because I cant get outside and do anything due to the ground still being frozen, or way to muddy (just depending on the year, this year will be mud).  I don't feel inspired to do anything inside because, well I don't really know why, I just don't.
Last year March resulted in the purchase of new cushions for our patio set. Bright yellow I might add! It was just the pick me up that I needed. Isn't the Internet wonderful... There was snow on the ground and I was inside ordering patio cushions that were not even in the stores yet. Thank you and Better Homes & Gardens!
This year I decided on a new portable greenhouse for all of my seed starts. I have the seeds, and I have the trays all I needed was a little something to put them in. I also scored on a large box of Jiffy Peat Soil Pellets. I figured this would be a fun way to get my kids involved. They are going to love watching these guys pop up, and then putting the seeds in them. I will take lots of pictures to share with you, when we start this project!

It is also usually around this time that I jump on the scale and realize that I have wintered up, meaning I have tacked on a few extra pounds over the winter. Unfortunately this year was a few more than just a few. Time to get serious and get rid of that extra 15-20lbs that found me this winter. I am contemplating joining a weight loss program, maybe Weight Watchers? I know I can handle the fitness part, to me that is actually the fun part. It is the eating healthy part that I struggle with. You are probably scratching your head thinking if fitness is fun for her, why did she gain weight? Simple, we have had non stop illness in this home since last September. I do not think one day has gone by where somebody was not sick. I don't know if any of you have experienced six months of constant illness, but you come close to throwing your arms up in the air and saying I give up! I was tired and run down therefor I became lazy yes I said it, lazy. I just need an extra little push, and it might be a way to get my entire family back on track as far as eating healthy. I will keep you posted!


  1. Nice blog, Glad you are doing well and what a nice family you have.

    1. Thanks Josie! Quite the family I have, right? I never saw that one coming!! Hope you are doing well...


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