Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back to the grind

Well back to real life... It was so wonderful having my mom here for a weak, but now it is time to get back to our daily grind. She was no sooner on her way home, and I was back on the phone dealing with my endless medical insurance woes. I am keeping my fingers crossed but we may have actually taken a giant step forward yesterday, I might be able to put all of this behind me very soon. Lets just say the ER Physicians Network got caught lying to me yesterday, and so my Insurance Company (with me on hold) stepped in. They were claiming the Insurance Company had not paid them when in fact they had. I have been dealing with this for 5 months, dealing with the fear of being turned over to Collections (they threatened that every month), dealing with the thought that I might actually have to pay this bill when in reality I was not responsible for it. I wish I could go after them for all of my wasted time in dealing with this matter over the past five months. I know I need to let it go, and just be thankful that it is almost over.

I am in the midst of trying to gear up for what is going to be a busy month ahead of us. Ademan alone has an appointment with the gastroenterologist, an upcoming swallow study at a Hospital on the other side of town, and his weekly Physical Therapy. LeiLei has an appointment with the surgeon who is going to work on her toe, because unfortunately it is getting worse, and she also has her weekly behavioral therapy appointment. Sammie our dog will need to go to the Vet to see if she is having any organ failure with this new medicine she is on. Not to mention I need to squeeze in a Dentist appointment for myself, and all three kids have upcoming dentist appointments. That is just what I have scheduled, who knows what else will just pop up. Like todays hemoglobin tests that I completely blanked on... ooops! Good thing I received a reminder call, although I am sure my kids would have been more than happy if mom had missed that one.

My to do list is also ever growing. Every year right before Spring I come to the realization that I have many nearly finished projects, projects that need to be completed before Spring.That is when the scramble begins. Yesterday I spent a majority of my day listing items on Ebay. My craft room was a bit out of control, I have bins, yes bins of fabric that I am realizing I will never use. So I decided it was time to sell the fabric on Ebay. I have a hard time getting rid of anything in my craft room, so I am telling myself that if it all sells, I get to purchase a small greenhouse to properly start all of my seeds for my garden. Please sell, Please sell, Please sell... Unfortunately that is only one item on my To Do List which seems to grow by the day. Am I the only one who goes through the Pre-Spring scramble,or do you do it too?

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  1. hahaha! good thing I didn't know you were parting with you know, my suitcase was bursting at the seams! lol!
    Hang in there babygirl your a strong woman,,, and I am soooo very proud of you. ILY


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