Saturday, January 4, 2014

We survived a Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

I am tired! Today we had JayJay's much anticipated Doc McStuffins Birthday Party. I was shocked when I discovered that there were very few options for Doc McStuffins party supplies. A few searches on Pinterest led me in the right direction for ideas and free Doc McStuffins downloads. Thanks Disney Junior !!! The only thing I learned from this party, is that an 11:00 a.m. party is hard to pull off when you have three little kids. I did not get all of the decorations up, and I realized after the party was over that I did not put out the veggie tray. Oh well!!!

Most of my time was spent on coming up with a Doctors table that the kids could fix their stuffed animals or dolls at.

I had to make sure my little Doctors looked the part.. So we starched men's white t - shirts and cut them down the center to make Doctors coats. They also had to have their I.D. badges, complete with their pictures.

The Doctors quickly got to work!

No party is complete without a game, so we played pin the Band Aid on Stuffy.

I could not hold the Birthday girl back much longer so we dove into cupcakes.

I am pretty sure they all had a great time. All I know is am tired! Thank goodness the next birthday is four months away. I have some time to bounce back.


  1. We had a great time! You did an awesome job Mer! The kids for sure stayed busy! Much Love -B

  2. Cute! Looks like all your hard work paid off!


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