Friday, January 3, 2014

I am up to my eye balls in Doc Mcstuffins party planning

So Jay Jay wanted a Doc McStuffins Birthday party this year, for as popular as Doc is, there are very few party supplies with the Doc theme. So, I did what any good mom would have done, and hit the Internet.

I began by looking at Etsy and Ebay hoping to purchase some hand made decorations. Let me tell you, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the prices. Ah, supply and demand. Same thing happened at Christmas, right after Black Friday the prices on Doc items went sky high (if you could even find what you wanted) So back to the party, after realizing that I was not going to be purchasing pre made supplies I dove into Pinterest and started copying ideas. A trip to Hobby Lobby, a party store, and the 99 cent store and I was ready to start crafting.

On my to do list:
*Create a doctors table complete with medical supplies, where the kids can fix their stuffed animals BooBoo's.
*Make Doctors coats for each child. Cut a men's XS T-shirt down the middle, starch and iron.
*Make Docs signature headbands. Purple with a pink flower
*Make Doctors bags for each child
*Make a Doctors name badge for each child
*Make a Pin the Band Aid on Stuffy game
*Make a Doc is IN sign

This is what my craft room looks like at the moment.

I must admit I am totally cheating on food this year. I will be hitting Costco for pre made trays! I cant wait to share party pictures with you, so stayed tuned!


  1. Ummm is it bad that I have never heard of Doc McStuffin??

  2. hahaha! at least you have a good excuse for your craft room to look like that.. I have no excuse! lol!
    Gee I wonder what Aidieman will want for you to make for him in!

  3. Oh and Tami, don't feel bad, I had to ask too! lol!

  4. We r excited to come. You know Brooke LOVES her some doc! -B

  5. Me too Tami. This is new to me. But, I'm always willing to learn. Good luck with the crafts. Love, Aunt Linda


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