Thursday, December 26, 2013

What just happened? How can Christmas be over? How many pieces of Nutella French Toast did I eat? Oh dear...

What a blur the past five days have been! Friday my husband brought home a new electric fireplace from Costco.  We have been waiting for weeks for them to restock this item. We were so excited when (on my daily call, yes I have been calling every day for at least two weeks) they told us they were stocked. You know how it is with Costco.... Buy it when you see it, because when its gone, its gone. So hubby rushed down there Friday and bought it. We spent our Friday evening assembling it, like two kids with a new toy.

Then on Saturday our new sofa was delivered, so exciting after waiting 7 weeks. We purchased this sofa about 7 weeks ago from Ashley Furniture and have been waiting somewhat patiently for its arrival. They tell you to make sure that you have your home clear of snow so the delivery men will not get hurt. That has not been a problem because we had yet to receive snow. As dumb luck would have it, Friday we finally got snow. There was no way to clear the snow in time, so this is how you roll when you have furniture delivered right after a snowfall...

During all of this we also realized that we needed to start assembling kids Christmas presents. So a good chunk of Saturday was devoted to Santas Workshop. A Kid Kraft doll house needed to be built and bicycles needed to be adjusted, I knew just the man for the job.

This was suppose to be our baking weekend, but with all of this going on my hubby had to abandon me in the kitchen. So I had to fend for myself in the baking of traditional German/Swiss cookies. I think I did pretty good. I completed 4 out of the 5 cookies I set out to make. For the first time ever I made Mailanderli, Zimtsterne, Totenbeinli, and Planta Herzli. All cookies you would find in a traditional German Christmas Market, but this year you can find them in our kitchen!

Monday my good friend and her kiddos came over for a Christmas celebration. We even had enough craft supplies to include them in that days '24 Days of Christmas' project. My kiddos were so tired by the time they left... Come dinner time LeiLei was doing head bobs at the table.

Christmas Eve day the hubby surprised me by taking the day off. We went to our local German Deli to get all of the fixings for our Christmas Eve dinner. I hope we always live near a German Deli because that is quite the tradition in our home. In our home the kiddos open most of their gifts on Christmas Eve. Usually about the time we see they are no longer enthused by each gift yet wanting to open more, we call it quits. The rest of the gifts are opened the next day.

Christmas morning began with a visit by Santa.
We opened a few more presents and then I made Nutella stuffed French Toast. For those of you that have never had it, you need to make it, like now! It is so crazy good... We spent most of the day relaxing and eating. It wasn't until the end of the day that I realized I had not even brushed my hair or put on make up.

So now I sit here on December 26 wondering what just happened? How in the world can Christmas be over? I am not ready to celebrate New Years, or a few days later JayJays birthday. Maybe its the cold medicine talking, Santa also delivered head colds to our family, hurray. I think I am going to stay in Christmas mode until the end of the weekend, Christmas music will continue to be played and Christmas movies will continue to be watched. Maybe by Monday I will be ready to move on, but not today.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas...


  1. Had a great Christmas. All 3 sons were here. We are still celebrating. Scott and Lila go back tomorrow. It sounds like you had a great time. Enjoy!!! Love, Aunt Linda

  2. Wow! You guys really know how to party!

  3. HO HO HO and now to get ready for Christmas 2014! lolo!


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