Friday, December 27, 2013

Lowes, Costco and Hobby Lobby without kids. It's no mani and a pedi but I should still be thankful!

I have been looking forward to Christmas break, since September. Christmas break is when our babysitter comes back home. I had such daydreams going on in my head, as to how I would spend my time off from mommy hood. I had envisioned manicures, pedicures, a massage, a day out with my girlfriend. You know, pure, kid less bliss. Instead she has so far been used four times... Let me tell you about those four times...

1. Take LeiLei to foot doctor. Not exactly a pedicure, but does have to do with feet.
2.Go to grocery store, Ademan was low on his Pediasure so I was able to stock up on twenty, 6 packs without worrying about where to put the kids once the cart was full. I think I broke two nails during that outing. Far from a manicure..
3. Go to Lowes, bank, Costco and Hobby Lobby. Accomplished = paint samples, deposit kids $, grab dinner for New Years Eve, and take advantage of after Christmas sale. Not exactly a massage...
4. Last minute dinner with the hubs. Cant complain about that one. 

At least I have her for another full week. Lets see, I have her scheduled two times next week.
1. Go to Social Security office, without kids... Three kids in the Social Security office is as bad as it gets. So I am actually quite thankful for that one.
2. Take LeiLei to therapy. 

I guess that is life and I should be thankful that I can even pay for a babysitter to help make my errands a little easier. But darn it, I am going to figure out a way to get my mani and pedi and another date with the hubby before she takes off for the other side of the country.

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  1. Yep, you're lucky, at least you have a baby sitter. It is nice of course, to get some pampering. Aunt Linda


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