Monday, December 30, 2013

Social Security Offices, make DMV Offices feel like a day at the spa.

For the second time this year I have had to go down to our local Social Security Office. I would rather have a root canal with no pain killers than have to go there twice in one year. Back were we use to live the Social Security Office was no bigger than a coffee stand and the only time I had to go, I was the only person there. We have since moved to a much larger city with quite the wide range of demographics. So, that being said to have to go there twice in one year is awful.

We have made quite the habit out of adopting kiddos over the past few years. Which means name changes and new cards from Social Security. This year when we did Ademans there was a snafu with his name. By the time we caught it, we already had the new Social Security card in hand. So since I had access to a babysitter today, I braved the icy roads and went to the Office. Our office is probably the size of 4 McDonald's buildings. I am going to try and be polite about this... Imagine a building that size filled with cranky people who think a well balanced meal means ordering a hamburger and NOT asking the person to remove the pickles and tomatoes, oh and did I mention they maybe haven't showered in a while. To say that I do not fear for my safety every time I go, would be a bit if a fib. There are the same two security guards manning the metal detector and doing the wand search. Something tells me if there were a true emergency I would have to come to their rescue. Today's conversation (trust me, it was mostly a one sided conversation) with the 400+lb woman who was sitting in front of me had to do with not losing the cell phone she had in her hand, because it was her husbands. She than notified those of us who were sitting close enough to hear her, that her husband would kill her if she lost it, and that she was there at the office because of him... You see he is currently in jail. She then felt the need to announce that she had to go to the bathroom, stood up, and gave us all a show. Apparently when you become a certain size (or have possibly fried yourself with the use of drugs) you lose the sense of feeling. She had no idea the back of her pants had dropped so low that I would have begged for just a mere plumbers crack. Then there was the woman next to me who was telling the world how her baby daughter died a few hours after birth. I cant even begin to tell you how odd that conversation was. She spoke in a way that almost came across as bragging. The more she spoke the more I kept looking at her like, you cant be for real. Thank goodness my number was finally called and I got to go around the corner and take care of business. I did my time, a mere 2 hours, and got his name correctly changed. On my way out I had to pass through the same waiting room, and I almost fell over when I caught a whiff of the body odor filling that room. I was so glad to be out of there...

After that traumatizing event I decided to go to Hobby Lobby, which quickly picked up my spirits. I have a special JayJay birthday party coming up that I need to start working on. So I loaded up with enough supplies and projects to keep me busy up until the party!


  1. uugh! a trip, hopefully you will not have to do again for a very long time!

  2. How very sad for those people. No education, probably not necessarily, drug users and/or terrible health problems. I can't imagine living like that. Their only life line is Social Security Disability. Don't know the answer, but all I can say is, how very sad. Love, Aunt Linda

    1. It is very sad, and usually a generational thing. Hard to brake the cycle. In both of these ladies situations given what they had said and knowing the horrible drug problem in our town it makes it even sadder. Pretty sad that Social Security Disability has to go to cover the cost of people making bad decisions, like drug use. Dont get me wrong JayJay received SSI for some time because of her Disabilities due to prenatal drug exposure. The big difference is we were honest when she no longer needed the money. So we discontinued the $$ coming from Social Security, many people who receive SSI continue to find ways to receive it. Her Bio mom is a great example of that. When asked why she receives it, she doesnt know. Now she relies on it, and yet cant tell you why or how she qualifies for it... That is why are Social Security System is in trouble....


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