Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jesus is the Reason For Christmas, Everything Else Follows... A New Family Tradition...

It is no secret that I am a Christmas fanatic, I love Christmas, everything about Christmas. I love all of the fun stuff that goes along with Christmas, decorating the house, baking, and watching Christmas movies. Now that I am a mom I want to make sure I prepare my children for 'The Reason For The Season'. It is my responsibility to create loving, kind hearted children. It is also my responsibility to teach them that Christmas is about Jesus, everything else follows.

I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest that I am going to incorporate into our Christmas tradition. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until next year because it involves a Nativity with moving pieces and I do not have one. You better believe I will be picking one up this year!

Set out your Nativity the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is usually a pretty calm weekend allowing you to take the time to explain the Nativity with your children and how as a family you are going to prepare the Nativity for Jesus arrival. Set out all of the pieces except for baby Jesus, he will be placed in the Nativity on December 25. Next to your Nativity place a jar of straw (pieces of straw, toothpicks, dried and torn corn silks, anything that is small are resembles nature)... It then becomes your families job to create a warm and comfortable bed for Jesus.

Here is the amazing part! Every time you perform a random act of kindness you get to place a piece of straw in the manger. The best part... No one can see you lay down that piece of straw. The idea is for it to happen anonymously. So many lessons to be learned. Experience the pleasure that comes from doing good, and enjoy the act of being kind. Even if there is no one there to see the act of kindness you have done... you are blessing them, and as a result you are blessing Jesus.

After your kiddos go to bed on the 24th of December you will place baby Jesus in his manger. The kids will wake up to a filled manger (and of course presents)...

I would love to hear ways that you incorporate Jesus into your Christmas Traditions.


  1. What a wonderful tradition to start with your sweet babies... may the nativity be filled, nay, over flowing with straw!

    1. I can also finally justify buying a nice new Nativity!! Yahoo!!

  2. Just found your blog and am reading backwards. :-) I love this idea and will be trying it with my children. We have a tradition of singing happy birthday to baby Jesus on Christmas morning and thanking Him for letting us receive His birthday presents (yes we have Santa deliver them). Just this year we added leaving baby Jesus out of the nativity until Christmas morning and we wrapped Him in paper so we could open Him as the first present of Christmas before singing to Him.

    1. It is always nice to find a new way to incorporate the real meaning of the Holiday. I searched high and low this year for a Nativity that did not have Jesus connected to the manger. I had no luck... I am hoping to find one next year, I might have to expand my search to the internet. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my Blog...


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