Monday, December 2, 2013

24 Days of Christmas kicked off with The Polar Express and an appearance from Elfina our Elf on a Shelf

We have officially kicked off our 24 Days of Christmas. Just a quick refresher, our 24 Days of Christmas will involve Family Time, Crafts, and Giving. It took me at least two weeks to gather everything we need for all of our activities. Not only gather but prep. My goal was to have everything ready so that the day of the activity I could grab the bag for the day and watch my kids have fun.
Each activity or craft was placed in a Ziploc bag and appropriately labeled. I then placed all of the bags in a basket so I could grab and go. I am looking forward to taking time out of every day to spend time with my kids. Don't get me wrong, I am a stay at home mom so I spend time with my kids every day. Unfortunately that does not mean that I actually 'spend time' with my kids.

Todays activity is making paper Santa hats. Too cute!
Yesterday also kicked off our Elf on a Shelf. Last year a girl Elf arrived at our home and we named her Elfina. Yesterday she made her first appearance on the Christmas Tree, today she was in one of the stockings. Looks like I need to do a quick Pinterest search for Elf ideas. What are some of your Elf ideas?

Have a great day!


  1. Ooo. There's lots if ideas! Look on Pintrest! Of course we always do the "flour angel" she does it on the counter but always ends up somewhere high up! (I don't even try to tempt the kiddos to "touch her") My cousin just had to "restore" the magic to their's! Ours got tangled in the Christmas lights this morn! Eva must have been TIRED this morn! Another cute but naughty one is that she can "toilet paper" the Christmas tree! Hehe lol

    1. I forget. It's me -B

    2. Thanks friend... We are at the strictly high up phase right now. Besides, the kids would be traumatized if they walked out and saw that one of our dogs got to her! LOL!!!

  2. I's me -B

  3. luv it! and aren't zippy bags the best invention? Luv using them for my sewing projects...
    The grand-kiddos are so precious....ILY


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