Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I want 'Time' for Christmas

Every year my hubby asks "what do you want for Christmas?" every year I say "nothing". I truly mean it, there is nothing I want. We spent our first 13 Christmases exchanging gifts, many of them were amazing and extravagant and sparkly. Now I am at a point in my life that I don't need all of the 'stuff'. I could not tell you all of the gifts my hubby has given me. I remember some, probably due to the fact that I still have some of them. Many of them I probably do not even have any more and that is silly. Christmas shopping does not come easy for my hubby. So the idea that he would spend all of that time and energy on a gift for me that I dont keep forever seems silly to me. Besides if there is something I want or need he will always run out and get it for me. I know I will be needing a new computer this next year and I know he won't even think twice about going out and getting me a Mac.

 For the past few years we have not exchanged gifts, and I have to tell you it the best feeling. It sure gets rid of one of the biggest 'stresses' of the Christmas season. All I want is time, more time with him, more time for us. Time creates memories and memories you will have forever. If he were to take a week off of work to be at home with us I would be the happiest girl in the world. Two years ago for Valentines Day he surprised me by taking the day off and hanging out with us all day. That meant more to me than any gift he could have wrapped up.

So if you ask me what I want for Christmas, and I say to you "nothing" please believe me. If you still feed the need to buy something please buy a toy for a child in need, or a coat for a homeless person, or a bag of pet food for a no kill animal shelter. That is the best gift you could give me.


  1. I agree. For heavens sake, at my age there is nothing that I want or need. Time is the most important thing to give someone. You can never get that back. Love, Aunt Linda


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