Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ademan is rockin a new accesery, its ankle braces... They are all the rage you know!

Ademan now has a new fashion accessory, ankle braces.

I would love to say that I was the super diligent mom that caught the ankle problem, but I was not. Imagine my surprise after his second visit to Physical Therapy, I was told he would need braces. Here we are three weeks later wearing custom fit ankle supports. We are in the testing phase, meaning he wears them for an hour and then we take them off for a few hours. We are testing to make sure there are no spots rubbing on his feet.

Thank goodness he seems to get a kick out of wearing them. The only bummer I have found is that they are so large you need shoes that are three sizes larger just to accommodate them. He is normally a shoe size 7 so I had to run out and buy larger shoes to fit the braces. He is now running around in size 9 and 10 shoes. He has quite the 'clown' look going on. Its a good thing he is stinking cute!

I hope this fixes his ankle issue, and that we will not have to do anything more than these braces. We have definitely learned to roll with the punches around here. So if this doesn't take care of the problem, onto the next fix. For now we will run around in shoes three sizes too big, and not try to take life to seriously!

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  1. for sure (can't take life seriously)... life is to short, so pour yourself a mug of coffee and give yourself 2 cookies... it's all about the journey!


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