Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby its cold outside, An arctic blast and our heater gave up...

I know I should not complain, there are parts of the country experiencing temperatures lower than ours. That being said... oh my gosh its cold! As I write this it is 16 degrees outside. I just checked the forecast for the next two days and we are looking at a high of 10 degrees... Do you want to know the low? Are you sitting down? With the windchill factor they are forecasting lows of -25 degrees! Is there such a thing? I am from Southern California originally, a low for me is 55 degrees, and at 55 I would have had the seat warmer on in my car. I am trying to brace myself for a day of running errands (tomorrow) in the negative temperatures. Those are the perfect days for going through Starbucks drive thrus, right? Wrong! Half the time your windows are frozen shut. I cant tell you how many times I have gone through drive thrus, and pulled up to the Order Here box, and not been able to get my window to go down. I am going to have to wear long underwear on top of my long underwear. For those who don't live in cold climates I can not even begin to tell you what those frigid temperatures do to your skin, your eyes, your nose, and your hair. There is nothing glamorous about temperatures that low. Let me give you a little scenario... Your nose can (and will) be running, but since your face is so numb from the cold, you will not even feel it. Your nose will not be the only thing running, your eyes will also start to leak, and then you run the risk of blinking and having your tears freeze your lashes together. 

So maybe I have a little room to complain. Not only is it freezing, but as of about three hours ago our heater stopped working.  Well now that is a problem! It is a whopping 63 degrees in our home, but I am sure that will not last long. I foresee many a room heaters throughout our house very soon. Hopefully I can still find some at our local Walmart. For those of you that don't know, it is Murphys Law that when there is an arctic blast your heater will poop out. Can you blame it? Think of how hard your poor heater is having to work. The bummer is, not only does yours poop out, but so does the rest of the towns. So I am looking at a week out for repair... Shoot, a week out, the repair man might pull up to the house and find a family of popsicles. 

It is important at a time like this not to panic. Insert vision of tropical beach, and calm blue ocean. I do know of one other way of heating up the house, baking. Looks like I will be doing some serious baking just to keep this house warm. So if you run into me in the next few weeks and it looks like I have gained another 10 pounds, you will know why. Oh and please, no snarky remarks!


  1. Meri, just keep those brownies coming. Love, Aunt Linda

  2. remember,,, "You fly... I buy"... ILY


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