Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November or Snovember?!?! Bring it on Old Man Winter, I have snow tires and I am not afraid to use them!

We had a nice long summer, and a pretty decent fall so I am not complaining. I am just a bit caught off guard. To say I was expecting the nearly 2" of snow we received today would not be entirely accurate. I was expecting maybe a half inch, and then to have the half inch all melted by noon. Ya, Mother Nature is still laughing at me. So I did what any other person living in a cold climate would do, I rushed down and had my snow tires put on. Probably one of the dumbest things you can do. You see any other time of the year you are in and out of the tire shop in about an hour, first storm of the season and you are looking at 4 hours.  In all fairness I actually had an appointment for an oil change and to have my tires switched out.

This was quite an odd day. It started with a wake up call from my LeiLei at 5:19 a.m. when I went in their room she requested that I turn on the television and baby brother was already busy playing. I knew immediately my day was ruined!! Meaning everything was going to be a struggle with these tired kids. Then our feeding therapist was an hour late because of the many accidents she got stuck behind on our slippery snowy roads. by the time she got to our home at 11:30 I had two little girls that were so out of their minds they burst into tears when I asked them what they wanted for lunch. All I could think was how in the world am I suppose to take three crazed kids to the car dealership and sit there for three hours...

I actually called in a favor, which I try not to do very often. I promised my Father-N-Law the kids would stay in there room if he could come watch them for me. It worked!!

I cant tell you how exciting it was to sit in the car dealers waiting room for two and a half hours with no little kids. I busted out 1 1/2 scarves while I was there (kid size). Yahoo!!!  I don't get many moments of quiet, but todays was awesome!

So let me say this Old Man Winter, I now have snow tires and snow boots... Nothing is getting in my way!

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  1. That's my girl! When the going gets tuff...you go get your tires swapped! lol!
    The scarves are looking cute! hugz & ILY.


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