Friday, November 22, 2013

LeiLei has her EEG, and is greeted by Ronald McDonald at the Childrens Hospital

We made it... It was touch and go around 11:30 p.m. last night, more for me than for LeiLei, but we did it. She went to bed at midnight and was woken up at 4 a.m. by daddy. Daddy made her breakfast, did crafts with her and got her ready while mommy slept. They left for the hospital at 6:30 while mommy was still snoozing away. I had the other kiddos up by 7:45 so we could make it to Ademans Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy appointments. Such craziness!

This was the first time I was not with one of my children when they were having anything done to them medically. I did not think it would be as difficult as it was. I was burning up my poor hubbys phone wanting updates every two minutes. I did not relax until I received the call from hubs and LeiLei saying they were on their way home. We are very fortunate to have an amazing childrens hospital so close to our home. Anything our children will ever need medically (or us for that matter) is here in our town. There is something to be said about living near an area with multiple hospitals.  LeiLei did pretty good, the only time she did not cooperate was when it came time to blow the pinwheel, of all things! Other than that the test went well.

She had 30 electrodes on her head. In case you did not realize she is a bit of a peanut so 30 electrodes on her head completely takes up her head. Hubby was only able to snap a few photos because the test is done in a reasonably dark room, and he did not want to get her excited. The goal is to get her to fall asleep during the test, and of course when she fell asleep it was on hubbys arm. So that ruled out picture taking...

Amazingly we already have the test results back, and they are "Normal". Good and bad, good because we can probably rule out non epileptic seizures. Bad because we might be looking at a mental health disorder. We will now regroup and move on to the next series of tests.  Such a journey...


  1. Good to be normal, hard not to have answers. Keep us posted.

  2. Glad the test was normal. But, you must be worried not knowing what the problem is. Love, Aunt Linda


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