Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I am a Mom, not a Super Mom... I will tuck my kids in bed tonight and kiss their little heads...

Those of you with more than one child know exactly what I am feeling. Some days are pure bliss, amazing, peaceful, your kids get along, nobody got hurt, you actually cooked dinner and you might even have make-up on. Then there are the other days... You know, you have worn the same jeans for multiple days, your kids are each others worst enemies, you have stopped at least one bloody nose from some form of a projectile missile that nobody wants to fess up to, the naughty corner has a revolving door on it. Do I need to go on?

Want to know what kind of day I have had??? Lets just say we are on day 2 of the same jeans. My kids are practically clawing at each other, LeiLei had a bloody nose (and like some form of Christmas miracle, it just happened, no nose picking, nothing was thrown at it, nobody hit her), we wore a hole in the naughty corner today, at all times some body was crying. My kids will be eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner and as of right now, mommy and daddy might also be eating peanut butter and jelly. The house is a mess and laundry did not get done, oh well...

I know in the blink of an eye all of this craziness will be gone. I am tired, worn out, and sometimes want to scream and cry, but that is motherhood. Anyone who claims being a mommy is always wonderful, is lying. I love being a mommy but it is not always wonderful, that is reality. I know one day I will look back and think wow, not only did I survive but I also thrived.

I am not raising kids so that I can look like a "Super Mom"... I am an average mom raising, teaching, training and loving her kids so that they can become great adults. I am frazzled, but I would not change it for the world.

I will tuck my kids in bed tonight and already the struggles of the day will begin to fade. I will kiss their heads and already be looking forward to what tomorrow may bring us.


  1. yep, as the poem says, 'house cleaning can wait, for babies do not stay babies for long'...
    Your kiddos are more precious than any fancy dinner or perfectly made up face and hair...
    I M so proud of you my sweet babygirl.

  2. Well Meri, I know how you feel. When Brian, our youngest, graduated from college, I sighed and said raising children is the hardest thing I will ever undertake. Of course I had days that were glorious and days I felt like running away. Good for you. Love, Aunt Linda


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