Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Kids in One Room...

I have no room to complain. We live in a 3,000 sq. ft. home, BUT the layout is not exactly kid friendly. So we have had all three kids in one bedroom. Last winter I came to my braking point. The chaos in their room nearly caused me to have a panic attack every time I walked in there. Their room consisted of 2 toddler beds, 1 crib, 1 play kitchen, 1 (6 cube) storage system, and bins of toys on the floor.  All of this in a room that barely fits a queen size bed and 2 night sands.

We played around with the idea of loft beds from IKEA, but unfortunately the closest IKEA was not accessible to us because of a snowy mountain pass. So began my countless hours of searching Pinterest for a bedroom setup to accommodate multiple kids. Then I found it, now came the fun part. Convincing my husband that he wanted to build it. To my surprise I showed him the picture and his response was, "I love it, lets do it". Yahoo!

So the construction began, first remove everything from their room. Our kids got to sleep on mattresses on the floor for a while, and they loved it. Then remove everything from their closet including their closet doors. Why remove the closet doors? Well their beds were going to be built inside the closet. Genius, right?!

Here is LeiLei testing dads initial framing skills.

Once dad had the upper bed braced, it was time to check out the top bed.
 Then the safety railings were added, as well as the headboards I made
A privacy curtain makes it complete
Yes, that dirty bed on the bottom is Ademans, he is a little too young for a curtain, so for now I still have to stare at his mess.
Now that there is all of this space in their room, I could put another crib in their... Just sayin!



  1. I just love this. What genius. Love, Aunt Linda

  2. So cool! My kids would've loved something like this. Too bad they are OLD and boring now. P.S. - when they get old and boring, all they want are queen sized beds. Note to you for the future. :)

    1. Well, maybe I can use that as an excuse to build my dream house. :-)

  3. Hahaha, now you can add a crib. Sounds like me! Love the beds.

    1. Thanks Felicia! Good Foster Parents become creative...


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