Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Burlap Fall Wreath

Yesterday, I spent the morning taking one child to a doctors appointment for a possible broken nose. Thank goodness the nose is not broken, swollen but not broken. Then running a second child to a feeding therapy appointment.  By the time we got back home I had made the decision to spend nap time in my craft room. Should I have worked on my ever growing to do list? Probably... But mommy needed some craft therapy!

I have been watching all these cute pins on Pinterest for burlap wreaths. I decided to make that my new addition for my fall decorating. I already had a grape vine style wreath, and a yard of burlap. So, I dug in.

All of the posts I saw called for burlap ribbon, but I was not going to spend the money on it. Instead I cut 5, 4" "ribbons" from my burlap, (which probably equates to 75cents, (as opposed to a  $5.00 ribbon).  I did have a fall ribbon that I wanted to incorporate, knowing me I probably bought it last year when it was half off, and I had a handful of sunflowers that have been  repurposed many times.

First I attached the burlap using florist wire.

Then I added my flowers using my trusted hot glue gun.

Last I added my trim ribbon, also attaching it using florist wire.

 The end result... A wreath I am quite happy with!

Hope that inspires you to tackle a burlap wreath...

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