Friday, April 4, 2014

My head hurts...

Yesterday we had a visit with JayJay and Ademans' Biological Mother and It went well. Our kids had a fun time and the fact that she totally spoiled them helped a bit. Imagine making up for missed Christmases and Birthdays all in one hour it is a bit crazy.  After every visit I have a release, for lack of knowing what else to call it. I become very quiet a bit withdrawn, in reality I just do not have much to say, and honestly it is as if my brain shuts off. It takes me about a day to bounce back. Everything about a visit is exhausting. So  much time before the visit is spent worrying about the upcoming visit, then while you are at the visit you are very much on guard. Then its over, and your body just waves the white flag and surrenders to exhaustion. That is where I am at. It does not help that we also have a pretty busy and a bit stressful week coming up. We will have three days of admitting children into our local childrens hospital next week. Tuesday Ademan goes in for tests, Wednesday LeiLei goes in for her toe surgery, Thursday Ademan goes back for more testing. I am in survival mode, it is all about getting through the day. All moms can relate to that, because at some point we have all been stretched a bit to thin, and that is where I am at. I am so very looking forward to the end of next week so that we can begin to get back to our version of normal....

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  1. Take care Meri, we're thinking of you. Aunt Linda


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