Monday, March 24, 2014

Grunter and HeeHaw had a great weekend, oh and so did we!

We had such a beautiful Spring weekend, the kind of weekend that you do not want to end. We tried to spend the entire weekend outside just soaking up the sun. Here on the farm, or as I like to call it 'Lazy Acres' even our animals were in on the enjoying the sun theme for the weekend.

I love life on the farm. I must admit we are only a few minutes from a pretty big city and any real farmer would probably laugh at me for even calling this a farm. That being said I love living the 'city~farm' life. How many people can say they can be at the symphony or fine dining twenty minutes after they leave their home. Then come back home to goats and pigs, I love it!!!

Our piggies which we have had for about a year have made themselves at home. Grunter and Pigglet are quite good friends.

Actually this weekend we discovered that Grunter and our little Pygmy Goat HeeHaw are quite good buddies.

We (hubby mostly) spent the weekend mulching goat poop and tilling my garden. We mulch our goat poop to throw into our garden soil. It is not glamorous but what it does to the garden is pure magic. It is like gold around here! 

I did do a bit of work and next weekend will be my reward for the work I did. I spent my time making a gigantic burn pile. Next weekend will be having the bonfire of all bonfires. Even with all of the commotion around here my animals were unfazed.

I hope you had an energizing Spring weekend, like we did!

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