Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brand new Barbie bag, Dora slippers, and Hello Kitty slippers, my girls are giddy with delight...

The bird has landed!! Code for Oma (Grandma) is here. We were succesful in keeping it a surprise, you should have seen their excitement when they found Oma sitting in the airport. We have been running ever since. We hit a record number of thrift stores today, and found some great finds.
Look what JayJay and LeiLei scored at our local ARC store.
Of course every kid has their breaking point. At that point the best thing to do is hide in a dressing room and make monster faces. 
Lots and lots of monster faces.
a cheeseburger and chicken nuggets usually fixes everything.
We even scored a train track with magnetic train cars. As for clothes, lets just say my washing machine is going to be running non stop for the next day or so. My best find of the day was a Michael Kors top that was nearly new for $1.50... I would share a picture with you but at this point there are mounds of clothes in my living room, and I could not tell you where it is. 

If you have not hit your local thrift stores lately, let me tell you.... You are missing out. I even found a Banana Republic Cashmere sweater (no pills, no shrinkage, and not streched) for $3.99. I can hardly believe it myself but we are going for round two tomorrow.

Dont fool yourself, even though my kids are having a great time with Oma, they are a mess... Two days of no schedule (no nap) is starting to mess with them. They are bordering on super crazy, head spinning, split personality, crashing... I think tomorrow we will have to real it in a little early in order for my kids to not spontaneously combust. I want to be home early anyway, because I think I am receiving my House Party package tomorrow. Yahoo!! 


  1. I am so glad everyone is having a good time. I Love you guys so much!


  2. Having tons of fun...but I will tell you...this Oma is one poooooped puppy! Lol!


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