Friday, January 17, 2014

Our cold, foggy, weather... My poor Keurig is constantly brewing to keep me warm!

We have slipped into a dreary weather pattern. We are hanging right around the freezing mark, which is normal, but mother nature has thrown us the FOG... Our seven day forecast has no sun in sight. All I can say is yuckers!!! but with the yuckers comes some beauty.
On days like these it is easy to stay inside and just complain about the cold, and the wet. making macchiatos with my Keurig.
It is days like this that I like to make myself go out and breathe in the cold air.
I like to open my eyes, and really take it in.
Living in an area with four seasons, you learn to appreciate each and every day.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures from our property. Take a moment this weekend to get out there and take it all in.


  1. go easy on that Keruig.. it only has a 1 year warranty! lol!

    1. That is why it came from Costco... Lifetime warranty!

  2. It is really pretty outside! Love me some coffee!

    1. yummers!!! working on my second cup today....


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