Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakfast in Paris? Why Yes I would love to... just as soon as I give my kids Mickey Mouse Nuggets from Costco

If you were riding in the car with the kids and myself this morning you would have heard me say (more than once) "sliding, ya we're definitely sliding". Followed up with Ademan (arms up in the air, as if he were on a roller coaster) saying "Ya, mommy!". It was a little slippery this morning, o.k. it was a heck of a lot of slippery this morning. We made it to our destination safely, and that is all I can ask for.

I had about 75 minutes this morning in which I was without kids. I figured that was the perfect grocery store opportunity. I only needed the basics like milk, eggs, lunch meat. Or so I thought...
Imagine my surprise when I was walking down the coffee, tea aisle and I was asked if I wanted Breakfast in Paris. O.k. I wasn't really asked, but I saw that they had Stash Tea on sale. So I grabbed my favorite (mango, passion fruit) and there right next to it was, Breakfast in Paris. Something that sounds that amazing (probably because I am also suffering from the travel bug) must be good. So into the cart it went.

I quickly ran back to pick up my son from his Therapy appointments, and then to pick the girls up from school. What a change in a few short hours... What was ice this morning was flooding by noon. We are talking about the type of flooding that makes the slow lanes not a smart choice. An even worse choice is being the poor person walking on the sidewalk. We have a pretty steep hill we have to go up right before we are home (9% grade). In the winter you may go up and down it sideways. It is a doozy... By the time we hit it this afternoon it was complete slush, which I hate worse than anything. I will take ice and snow hands down over the slush. Long story short we did pretty good going up it, until the very end. The last little bit of the hill we ended up going up it sideways. Unless you live in a wintry climate, I know it is hard to wrap your head around driving sideways. Truly, that is the best way to describe it.

As soon as we got home I filled my kids tummies up with Costcos', Mickey Mouse Nuggets, and then sent them to there room for quiet time. I dove into my grocery bags, so that I could have...
Breakfast in Paris.....


  1. Lol! Did u dream of the beautiful surroundings? Or just stare at Ur goats and sheep's? Lol! I wud LOVE some breakfast in paris! -B

    1. Now that is what I call a girls get away!!! Not everyone loves Paris, but I do!!! I think we need to start saving now for that trip!!!


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