Monday, December 16, 2013

Update! Hair color to dry wall, a lot of changes around here...

It hit me this morning that I have a few updates to share from previous posts. Lets start with the most recent, my hair... As you know I am a bit over my blond hair so on Saturday I went to the Salon (equipped with my Pinterest 'hair' board) and said "make me look funky, not safe". To which my hairdresser replied, "not on your life". We came to a compromise...
I am fortunate to see one of the best stylists in our town. Not only does he do hair at a local salon, but he is also an educator, and photographer. This man does hair for photo shoots as well as fashion shows. I am talking about BIG fashion shows. Like Style Week in New York.. He is pretty fabulous. o.k. o.k. so here is my before and after...

A few weeks ago (during the middle of an arctic blast) our heater gave out. Thanks to a handy father-in-law we were up and running that night. Thank goodness because the heating repair company was a week out on their jobs. Thank you to all of our local friends who made my phone ring off the hook (after that post) your generosity was so sweet. Offering up room heaters, and even extra bedrooms in their homes, again thank you.

During the hustle and bustle of the past 16 days I have managed to keep up with our 24 Days of Christmas. Dont get me wrong, some days have been a struggle. Like last Friday night when all I wanted to do was put my kids to bed but they had not forgot that I mentioned all of us watching Veggie Tales Christmas in mommy and daddys bed. We did, and it was fun. We have been doing everything from making decorations for our tree, to donating gently used toys, to caroling at the neighbors. My only concern is that come January my kiddos will still be expecting a craft project or activity every day. I will cross that bridge in January...

Last but not least hubby has been working away on our basement. When we purchased our home it came with a roughed in walk out basement.So some walls were framed and the plumbing was roughed in. He has been devoting every free moment to getting the basement finished. We completed our final inspection a few weeks ago, which gave us the green light to begin insulating and dry walling. I would say we are half way complete with the dry wall.

I am sure hubby will be happy to move on from dry wall to texturing. Then we paint, hang cabinets, and move in furniture. I can't wait!!!


  1. Busy busy busy little elves...and Mrs Santa Claus... ILY

  2. I love your hair, looks gorgeous. Onward and upward with home projects. Love, Aunt LInda


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