Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Toe Surgery, Really???

It is always something around here. Having three kids is a level of crazy that I had no idea existed. It seems we are at an age 2, 3, and 4 that has made me put the pediatricians phone number on speed dial. I swear the first two years of having kids we would see the Pediatrician only at well child visits. Now, the nurses know us by name without even looking at the chart. I am pretty sure I should not be proud of that.

Monday evening Ademan decided to do a death defying leap off of his sisters ladder that goes up to her bed. Lets just say I don't think he nailed it. It has been 44 hours and in another 4 hours I will be able to let out a sigh of relief. Per the advice nurse 48 hours and he will be out of the woods. He seems to be doing pretty good, but you can tell he is pretty stiff.

Today LeiLei had an appointment at a foot clinic for her 'funky' toe. I assumed it was nothing more than an infected toe nail. Imagine my surprise (oh get real, nothing really surprises me any more) when the doctor told me it was bone pushing up. The white I am seeing under her toe nail is bone. The only way to fix it is with surgery, and because she is a kiddo it cant be done at the outpatient facility. It will have to be done at the hospital. The Doctor does not think it is urgent, so we are going to put it on the back burner until she starts to complain about it.

All I can say is thank you for medical insurance. I can't imagine what our yearly medical tally for these kids would be. A few months ago Ademan got to ride in the ambulance from our house to the hospital and they forgot to bill the insurance company. So, I received quite the bill in my mailbox, $1800.00! I simply called them and gave them Ademans insurance info, and if by magic... the bill was taken care of. If only all of life were that simple.


  1. What???? Oh jeez. It's always something ...

    1. I know, right? No Aunt Tami visits on that hospital trip :-(


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